Friends of the Market

Become a friend of the market and help support the farmers market! Your support of just $25 for the year enables us to continue our mission of nourishing our community and providing a viable outlet for local farmers to make a living. As a friend of the market, you will get a free tote bag plus access to special offers from our farms throughout the season. We will also list your name on our website (if desired) to let everyone know about your valuable support!

Sign up at the Market on Main table on Thursday nights or join today by clicking the Pay Now button below.

Love to our 2014 Friends!

Heather Rooks, Frederick Hannah, Loretta Johnson, Tina George, Ray Tucker, Jessica Gover, Cari King, Jan Smith, Christie Adams, Sandy Colyer, Joy Wheeldon, Laura Adams, Judy Kirst, Charles Leveridge, Beverly Stringer, Joe Montgomery, Amanda Adams, Katie Shea, Jeannie Kovacs, Edna Jackson, Whitney Drew, Ginny Stephens, Jim Muse, Laura Wonn, Debra Wiles, Brittany Guthrie, Stefania Farmer, Donna Wilson, Christy Mink, Dennis Clayton, Betty Tucker, Shella Campbell, Angela Warren, Charlotte Abel, Diana Williamson, Del Stephens, Brie Lawson

Love to our 2013 friends!

Rachel Riquelme, Frederick T. Hannah, Kara Haynes, Whitney Drew, Chelsey Benkner, Donna Wilson, Shaina Engel, Pam Cate, Jim Muse, Margaret Merrick, The Joplins, Ray Tucker, Elaine Wilson, Christie Adams, Tammy Hoehler, Angi Brown, Marcella Arnett, Dennis Clayton, Darian & Marie West, Bobbie Hahn, Gloria Sams, Laura Wonn, Debbie Wiles, Laura Adams, Tina & Mark Hamm, Ginger Henderson, Kerry Brock, Sherry Upchurch, Tom Keam, Lisa Baker, Allison Sobieck, John & Beth Tripp, Sean & Susie Thompson, Jeff Bumgardner, Betty Tucker, Brad & Johnna Bigelow, Sheryl Polk, Edith Lovett, Jeannie Kovacs, Jane Correll, Chris & Tina George, Amy Poynter, Courtney Wesley