Have you ever shopped a farmers market? For those of us accustomed to the grocery store, going to market can be a new and different experience. (We like to think of it as a better one, too!) Here are some tips to make your shopping experience more enjoyable…

  • Bring your own bags. Our vendors will have bags in case of an emergency (or you can pick up one of our stylish Market on Main tote bags!) but bringing your own bags is better for the environment and saves our farmers the added expense of providing them. (A cooler bag works great for things like meat and cheese!)
  • Bring cash. Cash is the best way to shop the market, but we will have ATM services available for a small fee in case you forget! Just drop by our market table to get cash using your credit or debit card. ($3 charge for every $50 withdrawal.)
  • Shop in any weather. Bad weather may make you want to stay home.  Remember that our farmers had to endure that weather to harvest your veggies and set up at market, so your support is especially important on a rainy day!
  • Eat seasonally. Our market is producer-only. This means that what you see on a farmer’s table is only what they have grown or produced themselves. (At some markets, farmers are allowed to buy produce and other items from outside sources to provide a greater variety to customers.) Because of this, our selection is limited to what can grow in Kentucky’s climate at the specific time of year. Asparagus, for example, is only available for a short time in the spring in Kentucky. Learn to shape your meals around what is available!
  • Sample, sample, sample! Some of our farmers are licensed to give you samples, so be sure to try what they offer. You never know what exciting new flavors might strike your fancy.
  • Chat up your farmer. Our farmers are incredibly passionate about what they do. They would love to answer your questions about growing practices or provide recommendations on how to prepare a certain product. Which leads us to our next point…
  • Allow plenty of time to shop! Forget the days of rushing through the grocery aisle and tossing things into your cart haphazardly. Shopping the farmers market should be an enjoyable—and leisurely—experience. Be sure to schedule plenty of time to hang around, enjoy the music, and grab a cup of coffee. Make new friends and catch up with old ones!